Cultural responses to Pain by Mark Zborowski

An investigation, first published in 1958, found that the ways in which we respond to illness are strongly influenced by cultural factors. In this article, Mark Zborowski shows that even the physical sensation of pain is often interpreted differently by members of different American ethnic groups who tend to respond to pain in terms of meanings they learned from their own families. The project was set up at the Kingsbridge Veterans Hospital, Bronx, New York, where four ethno-cultural groups were selected for an intensive study: Jewish, Italian, Irish and “Old American” stock. Three groups — Jewish, Italian and Irish — were selected because they were described by medical people as manifesting striking differences in their reaction to pain. Read Cultural Responses to Pain.

Advance Care Directives

The attached word document contains three case studies outlining the the consideration that is or is not given to Advance Care Directive implementation by Italian Australian families and older Italian Australians.

Three case studies reflecting the consideration or use of Advance Care Directives in the Italian Australian community

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