Il Bollettino- June 2015 issue

Il Bollettino is a quarterly newsletter produced by Co.As.It., in Italian, which is distributed to all the senior Italian social groups in metro Sydney. It has been in circulation for more than ten years and it is published so that the senior Italian speaking community retains a communication link with all the senior Italian social groups and Co.As.It..

In this June’s issue there is an outline of a  practical care guide for families who are dealing with members who are experiencing problem gambling issues and includes the problem gambling hotline; a recipe for orechiette al pesto with walnut and artichokes; warding off influenza; an introduction to OPAL card; accessing free information/ counselling regarding substance and pharmaceutical abuse; and information on the Co.As.It. Community Visitors Scheme (CVS).

For more information regarding  Il Bollettino or any of the topics referred to in this issue please call Co.As.It. on 9564 0744.

Il Bolletino June 2015 issue