FECCA calls for current and future Governments to commit to equal access to services for older CALD Australians and those with disability

Media release: 23 August 2013

The ongoing community consultation work of the Federation of Ethnic Communities’ Councils of Australia (FECCA) continues to show that culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) Australians can experience difficulty accessing services compared with people who speak English as a first language, who are aware of services available and who have no cultural barriers to accessing services.

Currently, there are two policy reform areas that could help to pave the way for much greater access and inclusion for two key CALD groups: CALD people with disability, through the Government’s DisabilityCare initiative, and older CALD Austalians through the Government’s Living Longer. Living Better aged care reform agenda along with its National Ageing and Aged Care Strategy for People from CALD backgrounds.

With the election only weeks away, FECCA calls on current and future Australian Governments represent significant sub-groups within these cohorts and as such, aged care and disability services must be responsive to the needs of CALD clients – language, culture or spiritual beliefs must not exclude them from experiencing the benefits of these positive reforms.

Get involved in FECCA’s work to continue to advocate for responsive and inclusive services by reading more about our position on these issues here ( for disability) and here (for aged care).

And to directly assist us with our advocacy, write a letter to the federal Ministers and Shadow Ministers responsible for these areas – templates to assist with this are available on our website