Recent and upcoming information sessions

“Why are we offered a choice of medicine?” In collaboration with the National Prescribing Service (NPS), Co.As.It. is presenting educative seminars on the correct use of medicines to an Italian seniors audience.

Brand names and generic medicines: Medicines with the same active ingredient can have different brand names and this can cause confusion for many CALD Australians. It is important to understand why there is a choice of medicine and to know that medicines with the same active ingredient may have different brand names, but will have the same effect in the body.

Presentations are scheduled on the following dates:

Wednesday 19th September 10am at  St. Kevin’s Church Hall, 57 Oaks Ave, Dee Why

Thursday 20th September 10am at Parramatta Council Chambers Building, Level 2, Civic Place, parramatta

Friday 5thOctober 10am at It.So.Wel. 21 Stewart St, Wollongong

Tuesday 9th October 10am at Maroubra Senior Citizen’s Centre, 6 Alma Rd Maroubra.

Call Co.As.It. on 9564 0744 to RSVP